Know More about Dog Bite Treatment Antibiotics

Prevention and Treatment of Dog Bite Treatment Antibiotics

Risk of infection can be a matter of great concern for people that suffer dog bite. It is very true that dog’s saliva is laden with viruses and bacteria that go a long way in causing infection. It is absolutely important for you to meet your doctor in order to keep the risk of infection due to dog bite at bay. Antibiotics are normally used in the treatment of dog bite. Hence you should have a clear idea about dog bite treatment antibiotics to control the ill effects resulting from dog bite.

The Various prescribes for Dog Bite Treatment Antibiotics

dog bite treatment antibiotics

dog bite treatment antibiotics

Your doctor would do well to prescribe the right antibiotic depending upon the severity of the dog bite you suffered. Since there are many antibiotics for dog bite your physician is the right person to pick the most effective one for your treatment. If you are apprehensive of any sort of infection immediately after dog bite you should think in terms of taking the best antibiotic by consulting with your doctor. Pain and swelling are two important effects of dog bite that can result in infection. Your doctor would have a close look at the wound and prescribe the best antibiotic for you.

Penicillin, erythromycin, amoxicillin, doxycycline and fluoroquinolone are some of the most powerful dog bite treatment antibiotics. Each one of them is capable of lowering the infection caused by dog bite to a great extent. Of course any of these antibiotics should be consumed in accordance with the severity of the problem of dog bite. Although penicillin is least effective against some of the most feared dog bite infections yet it is prescribed as a precautionary medicine during the treatment.

The Efficacy of Dog Bite Antibiotics

The most preferred antibiotic for dog bite is amoxicillin. Doctors are most likely to prescribe amoxicillin since this antibiotic has the innate ability to attack any type of infection caused by viruses or bacteria from dog bite. It is important to know that some patients of dog bite are not responsive to amoxicillin treatment since they are allergic to this antibiotic. In such cases the doctor may prescribe the likes of erythromycin and fluoroquinolone. The doctor would always check the patient’s response to a few antibiotics before actually beginning the treatment for dog bite.

Thus the role of antibiotics in the treatment of dog bite is very crucial as

  • They are capable of attacking the various forms of infections caused by viruses and bacteria
  • They would prevent the spreading of viruses to the vital parts of the organs of the human body
  • They are very effective when it comes to bringing back the health of the patient to normal condition

Dog bite treatment antibiotics should be take for a period of not more than one week. On the other hand if the infections persist then the doctor may advise the patient to continue them for another week or so. In all probability the antibiotics will help the patient become normal and get back to his work much to the delight of the members of his family.

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