How to Treat a Dog Bite

In the event of dog bites, people should always remember not to take things lightly. Dog bites are serious matter and it can cause potentially life threatening diseases. Although statistics show that kids are the majority of the victims of dog bites, one should know that all are at risk. As you may have known, whether it is a small or large dog, they all bite when they feel threatened. There are a lot of effects a dog bite can give. First, it can let your body bleed. It also leaves bruises and scars on the skin and this can be permanent. But most importantly, dog bites are often frightening because of the associated diseases that it carry. Tetanus, for example, can easily have access to the body via the open wound made from the bite. Another is Rabies, which is more severe. Rabies is a virus and once you are bitten by a dog with rabies, chances are you will be affected by one. Rabies is a serious condition that can hide in the body for long periods of time before it can be manifested. In its severe form, it can result to death. This is the reason why having knowledge regarding how to treat a dog bite is necessary.

First thing to do is to immediately wash the area bitten by the dog with soap and running water. It is best recommended if it is Betadine Soap because of its antiseptic properties. Running water, on the hand, makes sure that the water you are using is not contaminated. Next thing to do regarding how to treat a dog bite is to apply pressure on the wounded area. Pressure can be done with the use of a clean towel or any clean cloth. If you happen to have antibiotic ointment, it would also be recommended to apply in the area so as to prevent infection.

It is important to take note that part of knowing how to treat a dog bite includes covering the wounded area with bandage or any adhesive material. This is to minimize the entry of pathogens in the wounds. If bleeding is still evident and is soaking the bandages, you can raise the affected part of the body above the heart level.

Controlling the bleeding, cleaning and covering the wound, and applying antibiotics are just the initial steps on how to treat a dog bite. You still need to go to a doctor so that the wound can be checked. Also, the doctor can also give you anti-tetanus shots or anti-rabies shots. Your veterinarian may also need to check the status of your dog and see if the health of the dog that bit you has suddenly changed.

These are some of the important steps and measures to take regarding how to treat a dog bite. You Always remember that you should take things seriously when treating dog bites because of the potential effects it can bring when it is not immediately treated.